Fereshteh Eslahi


Fereshteh Eslahi is an Iranian documentary photographer. As a teenager, she was interested in poetry, literature, and literary criticism. For the first time when she was in high school turned her attention to photography while she read an analysis of a photograph from Yusuf Karash; he took a photo from cello musician Pablo Casales. After that, she realized that the world of photography is more meaningful than a mere image and landscape.

Fereshteh is interested in different cultures and stories, as well as relationships and emotions. She seeks to address the overlooked details of human nature, its complexity, and the diversity of behaviours in different cultures and societies. She follows the small stories around her reflecting on the events and world around her through her mental or experimental perspective.

Fereshteh Islahi has a bachelor's degree in theatre directing from Soore University and a master's degree in theatre from Tehran University of Arts. She has been working with Iranian news agencies since 2014 as a news photographer. In 2017, he became a member of the Iranian Association of Press Photographers. Among the important awards, she has won are the World Press Photo Award in 2021 and the Iranian Press Photo of the Year Award in 2021.



Instagram: @fereshteh.eslahi